How to increase influencer’s promo conversion rate : the 5 approaches

How to increase influencer’s promo conversion rate : the 5 approaches

Today we want to talk about the conversion rate for the promos on your stream and the best practices to increase that number. Here are a few ideas we’ve tested and the efficiency of which we’ve seen in action, some of them might look simple and used by all top-tier streamers. But some are small hacks that might help you increase your numbers.

Alina Sheliakina
Alina SheliakinaDec 16 20223 min read

It’s worth mentioning that the ground rule is to make a clear brief for influencers that you’re partnering with. To make these tips work and also fit the streamer's style and look natural for the viewers.

Idea 1: be straightforward

It looks obvious, but still, a lot of brands and influencers ignore this easy hack: tell people directly what they should do. They can’t guess that you’ve posted a link expecting them to go and check it out.

Without a clear call to action, you’ll not get results. It doesn’t mean that streamers need to keep on repeating “follow this link…” like a parrot. Find the right moment. Deliver the value of it first and tell what benefits users will get and then encourage them to follow that link.

Idea 2: prepare a good distribution of your link

Make this link easily accessible to people. Don’t make them google or search for your site or game by themselves. Post it somewhere where it’s always accessible.

Prepare streamer assets. There should be different options on how to share an active link while a streamer talks about your brand or game. For example, it can be a banner on the stream, QR code or chatbot that will share your link in the chat. The more options you’ll give to the audience, the easier it’ll be to choose a comfortable way for them to use that link.


Ask about additional links on other platforms: Twitter, Discord, Linktree. But of course only if it’s relevant and streamer wants to do so.

Idea 3: dope drops

Drops allow you to reward the audience for specific actions. People get entries for each completed action and each entry gives a chance to become a winner in the end. You can add actions like ‘visit web-site’, ‘install the app’, ‘add the game to Steam wishlist’ or buy it on Steam’.

But also allow the audience to complete easier actions to join your community so you’ll stay in touch with them if they need more time to get to know your product before trying it out. That’s where you can use actions like ‘join Discord server’ or ‘follow on Twitter’. It makes the flow longer, but engages people more and provides better results at the end of the campaign.

From previous drop campaigns with brands, we saw that the conversion rate gets 7 times higher in comparison with a regular sponsored link.


Idea 4: give cool prizes that your audience would appreciate

You don’t want just to get a few likes in exchange for a prize, you want your audience to be actually interested and happy to take part in a competition to get something that other fans can’t.

If you have a big brand, you can use exclusive merch as a prize, game keys or in-game coins. If you’re just starting and want to pay attention to new people, try to focus on gifts that are thematically related to your content, to attract relevant people.


Idea 5: give an extra reward to the most attentive viewers

Don’t get this wrong: the point here is to add it on top of the regular value to those who stay for a longer period of time on stream and stay engaged. People who just join your stream or didn’t have a chance to see it live should also have chances to get rewards.

If you’re using drop, you can create a promo code with a limited number of usage. Show it on a stream so only the fastest and the watchful will get additional entries in the giveaway. While the rest of the users still have chances by completing other types of actions.

You can also be creative and make it a game: propose viewers to catch those extra entries and show promo code(s) at a random time during the stream turning it into a kind of scavenger hunt.

That’s only a few ideas among those that can help you get more from influencers’ promotion of your game or brand. The main thing is to stay focused on the quality and relevance.

One more extra piece of advice — you never know what works best specifically for you. And the best way to find out is simply to test different approaches and analyze the feedback. Have you already tried to use drops in your integration? Maybe it’s time for this test, set up your drop for free now!

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